N61WT Cessna 172SP

Note: The information on this page may not be accurate or current and is not valid for navigation, flight planning, or for use in flight.

Facts and Figures

Model Cessna 172S
Year 2005
Engine Lycoming IO-360-L2A
Horsepower 180 bhp @2700 RPM
Oil Capacity 8 qts
Propeller McCauley Fixed-Pitch
Useable Fuel 53 gal (out of 56)
Cruise Speed (2,000') X mph, 118 KTAS @75% pwr
Cruise Speed (8,000') X mph, 130 KTAS @full pwr
Cruise Range X nm @65% power
Climb Rate (SL) X fpm
Max Demonstrated X-Wind X kts
Takeoff Distance (SL, std
temp, gross wt, no flaps)
X'; ' X 50' obstacle
Landing Distance (SL, std temp, gross wt, full flaps) X' X over 50' obstacle
Stall Speed x KIAS full flaps
Max Weight 2558  lbs
Empty Weight 1731.72 lbs
Empty Weight C. G. (Arm) 41.36 Lateral CG
Gross Weight 2558.00 lbs
Useful Load 826.28 lbs


NAV/COMM/GS #1 Garmin G1000
NAV/COMM/GS #2 Garmin G1000
Audio Panel/Marker Bcn  
GPS Garmin G1000
Autopilot KAP-140 w/alt hold

IFR Configuration Chart

Configuration RPM Attitude/Pitch KIAS VSI
N61WT Forms
Cessna 172 G1000 Checklist
Club Checkout Quiz

Other Info

  • University of North Dakota (UND) has an excellent checklist trainer for the C172S-G1000. The checklist and airplane may be slightly different than those you use, but this is still very helpful...and fun!
  • UND provides a nice electrical system trainer. Don't worry - you don't need to learn every relay and solenoid...unless you want to! Fun to play around with and the more you understand the system...the better!
  • There are tons of G1000 videos out there, but this one by ATP and CFII Dick Rochfort is one of the better ones. Just over one hour.
  • Mindstar Aviation has an excellent video series showing their simulator-version of the G1000.
  • Simionic makes an excellent G1000 Simulator for iPad!
  • You can purchase Garmin's G1000 PC Trainer CD, which works on PC only
  • Max Trescott’s G1000 and Perspective Glass Cockpit Handbook