The Monmouth Area Flying Club

The Monmouth Area Flying Club (MAFC) is a large, friendly non-profit organization of pilots and would-be pilots of all ages and ratings committed to the advancement of aeronautical skills and education. The Club is based at Lakewood Airport (N12), on the border of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, New Jersey. The club has fleet of six single-engine, membership-owned aircraft consisting of two Cessna 152's, two Cessna 172's, a Piper Archer, and a Piper Arrow 200MAFC is a 501(c)(7) Tax Exempt Social Club and a non-equity flying club.

  • MAFC aircraft are equipped with Garmin GPS'
  • The Pipers have Garmin 430W IFR-certified GPS' coupled to the autopilot.
  • The Piper Archer has a Garmin GDL 88 ADS-B.

You may want to consider joining the MAFC if you are:

  • Thinking about learning how to fly but don't know where to start.
  • Someone who would enjoy being part of a community of flying enthusiasts committed to safety and the advancement of their aeronautical skills.
  • A pilot looking for a great place to fly, or to gain a new rating.
  • Willing to invest your time to help the club be successful.

Benefits of Joining MAFC

The Monmouth Area Flying Club has a variety of benefits that will help you enjoy the aviation experience. Whether you are a seasoned pilot or an aviation newbie, the MAFC has what it takes to get you flying in quality aircraft. Some of the MAFC advantages are:


Diversity of Aircraft From inexpensive primary training aircraft to long-distance, avionics-rich IFR cruisers
Insurance MAFC carries liability and airframe insurance for all club members. No need to purchase your own insurance
Non-profit Club Non-profit status keeps aircraft rates low. No taxes, no salaries.
Friendly Airport Lakewood Airport is an uncrowded airport with a friendly, pilot-owned FBO.
Monthly Meetings Meet with members, get an aviation safety briefing as well as detailed maintenance reports on club aircraft, learn about club finances. 3rd Saturday of each month at Lakewood Airport.
Web Scheduling & billing MAFC uses for web based aircraft scheduling and billing. Online aircraft checkout and bill paying with check or credit card. Get a monthly emailed statement with your account information. View online live statement status.
25 yrs Experience MAFC has been in operation for over 25 years.
High quality planes The planes are maintained in tip-top condition. After all, each member owns a piece of each plane.
Clubhouse Use the clubhouse for pre and post-flight briefings.
Voting Voting rights for the annual election of the Board of Trustees.

MAFC members are people like you - most of us, at some point in the past, looked up at a plane overhead and thought, "Wouldn't it be great to learn to fly one of those things?" Most of us probably never thought we could, or that it was something ordinary people really did. But we were wrong. Our members generally fly:

  • To keep their aviation skills current and further safety of flight to the best of their ability. A pilot is always learning.
  • For Recreation - the feeling of freedom, the fun, the pure enjoyment of spending some time in the sky.
  • For Family & Personal Trips - the ability to get away and come back when you want to, without concern for traffic on the road, or airline schedules.

For information on joining the MAFC, contact the MAFC Membership officer at , 732.618.6568