Membership FAQ

The history of the Monmouth Area Flying Club is anchored in its predecessor, the Fort Monmouth Army Flying Club (FMAFC). While the FMAFC, which was based at Allaire Airport (BLM), served it's intended purpose, changes in military policy soon pushed the organization towards extinction. However many of the members wanted to continue as a group, so in the fall of 1985 they created the Monmouth Area Flying Club (MAFC). Soon after this took place, other former members of the Fort Monmouth Army Flying Club quickly joined and flight operations under this new name officially began early in 1986 at the same location.

The first aircraft available for use by the club was a leased Piper Cherokee 180 followed in April 1986 by the purchase of a Cessna 152 (N48231) for use as a basic training aircraft. The club continued its basic and advanced flight training activities at this location. Over the years, as the club matured, it continued to purchase more of its own aircraft. Today there are six aircraft owned by the MAFC.

Like the Fort Monmouth Army Flying Club, The MAFC initially had a restricted membership limited to military and civilian personnel of the Department of Defense. This restriction was in accordance with requirements set forth by the Allaire Airport authority. Some years later, the club received permission from the Allaire Airport to allow personnel working at Bell Laboratories to join. In April 1995, the club left Allaire Airport and set up operations jointly at Marlboro Airport and Lakewood Airport. Subsequent to this move the member- ship became unrestricted and the club continued to grow. When Marlboro Airport was closed in September of 2002, the club relocated it's total operation to Lakewood Airport, where it is still based today.

Currently, the club has a fleet of seven planes and these include (2) Cessna 152, (2) Cessna 172, (1) Cessna 172SP G1000 (1), (1) Piper Archer and (1) Piper Arrow. You can view the planes at Lakewood Airport (N12) by making arrangements for an escort with the club.
All of the Monmouth Area Flying Club aircraft are maintained to the highest standards by experienced FAA certificated maintenance technicians and FAA certified repair stations. All maintenance and preventive maintenance required by the aircraft manufacturer and the FAA is performed on a regularly scheduled basis. Any discrepancies that arise between regularly scheduled maintenance are immediately corrected prior to any flight. It is our mission to provide safe reliable aircraft for our club members.
The club uses scheduling system. This system allows you to see a listing of all plane availability and status to book a reservation. It is also used to check plane in and out as well pay for your flight. See Instructions for Self Plane Check-In process
The MAFC has a clubhouse located just to the left of the terminal building at Lakewood Airport (N12). Lakewood Airport is just south of the Blue Claws Baseball stadium on Rt 528 (Cedar Bridge Ave.) in Lakewood. Exact directions can be found on website, just click on "Home Base". The clubhouse is where aircraft are signed out and is also the location for a training / reference center. Once you become a member, you will gain access to this building.
General meetings are held the third Saturday of the month at 9:00 AM at the N12 CAP Building. Board of Trustee meetings are held the first Thursday of the month at 7:00pm at the clubhouse. Prospective members are required to attend at least two meetings. At the second session, you must present your application, payment and other documents.
For new members, the cost to join includes a non-refundable initiation fee, 2 months of dues in advance. The exact fees are listed on the Membership Application form. Currently, the initial cost, including two months dues amounts to $1100. From that point on the monthly membership dues is $50. Please note that these figures are set by the Board of Trustees and can change.
The hourly cost of the planes runs from about $75 to $125 per hour wet (including fuel). However, these figures can change without notice. More info on the fleet can be found here.
No additional insurance is necessary once you become a member. As long as members operate the aircraft in accordance with FAA and Club regulations, members are insured to operate our aircraft under MAFC's insurance policy.
The club has a number of FAA Certified Flight Instructors each with their own specific set of skills, and talents. CFI Contact E-Mail & Telephone
The MAFC is an all volunteer organization that is sustained and grows by the members themselves. It is through your integrity, honesty, loyalty and willingness to participate in the various activities that make the difference. Collectively, the members should always represent the ideals upon which the organization was founded.