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  • The $100 Hamburger Page - Some of the info here is a bit out of date, but it's still a neat site to visit when you're looking for an excuse to go flying. The site also rates airports by fuel price, availability of nearby golf courses, crew car availability, and getaway vacation locations.
  • Airplane Training - Are you looking for airplane training? We at Fighter Combat offer you the opportunity to fly fighter jet aircraft and also teach modern air combat tactics. So, hurry join us today and fulfill your dream!

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Aviation-Related Clubs & Associations

  • Jersey Aero Club - NJ's oldest active flying club, also based at Lakewood Airport.
  • 150th Aero Flying Club - Formerly connected with the 150th Air National Guard, this club is based at Morristown Municipal Airport.

Information Resources

  • EAA Home Page - The EAA is a good source for aviation related news including NOTAMs and waivers.
  • Virtual Flight Surgeons - A confidential resource for finding information about aviation related medical issues.
  • AirNav - Good site for US airport, navaid, and navigation fix information. It is updated regularly from the FAA's own database (insert standard "do not use for flight planning" disclaimer here). It also has a place for people to leave comments (good/bad/indifferent) about the airports, along with current reported fuel prices. Includes a nifty trip planner that even helps you find cheap gas along the way!
  • AvWeb - This aviation web magazine is updated twice weekly with perhaps the best and freshest GA news on the Internet. They've got experienced, smart, articulate pilots stacked up like cordwood, putting out a regular stream of articles that will help make you a smarter pilot.
  • AOPA Online - This is another good site for aviation news and information. AOPA members also have access to aviation weather (from DTN), flight planning (from GTE DUATS), the AOPA Airport Directory online, FAR/AIM online, an aircraft valuation service, and much more.
  • AVEMCO Aircraft Insurance.  And some frequently asked questions.
  • The Aviation Home Page - If you're in the mood to just poke around the Web for aviation stuff, this is the place to start. This site has literally thousands and thousands of links, grouped by topic.
  • How to Tie an Aircraft iedown Knot.

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