N738NY Cessna 172N

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Facts and Figures

Model Cessna 172N
Year 1977
Engine Lycoming
Oil Capacity 8 qts
Propeller McCauley Fixed-Pitch
Useable Fuel  
Cruise Speed (2,000') X mph, 118 KTAS @75% pwr
Cruise Speed (8,000') X mph, 130 KTAS @full pwr
Cruise Range X nm @65% power
Climb Rate (SL) X fpm
Max Demonstrated X-Wind X kts
Takeoff Distance (SL, std
temp, gross wt, no flaps)
X'; ' X 50' obstacle
Landing Distance (SL, std temp, gross wt, full flaps) X' X over 50' obstacle
Stall Speed x KIAS full flaps
Max Weight  lbs
Empty Weight  lbs
Empty Weight C. G. (Arm)  XLateral CG
Gross Weight X lbs
Useful Load X  lbs


IFR Configuration Chart

Configuration RPM Attitude/Pitch KIAS VSI
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FAA Registry
Passenger Brief

Other Info

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